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Different Kinds of Loft Conversions

Here at A Star Lofts, we offer our clients a wide range of different styles of loft conversions. Below you will find out everything that you need to know about the types of loft conversions we are able to construct.


Velux loft extensions are one of the types of loft conversion UK customers can’t get enough of. Structurally speaking, they are by far the most straightforward as they do not require alterations to the roof or your property. Velux windows will be fitted to make your loft a more useable space, and in most cases planning permission is not required. It is the most affordable conversion too, making it ideal for those with tighter budgets.

Rear Dormer

Rear dormer loft extensions are some of the most popular types of loft conversions in the UK. These project vertically from the existing slope of the roof, creating a box shape. This will allow you to keep the sloped roof at the front of your house, whilst giving you a greater degree of headroom at the back. You will be able to install conventional windows in the dormer extension, making your loft a much lighter and brighter space. Planning permission is not always needed either, making it an option for a wide range of homeowners.

Side Dormer

In addition to our rear dormer loft conversions, we also offer side dormer loft extensions. These are exactly the same as rear dormer conversions, except the dormer is at the side of the roof rather than the back. These have become very popular on semidetached properties. If you are not sure if a rear or side dormer is right for your loft, we would be happy to talk you through these loft conversion styles and point you in the right direction.


If you live in an end of terrace property, then a hip-to-gable loft extension will be the perfect option. These are fast becoming some of the most popular loft conversion styles. This kind of conversion straightens an inwardly slanted end roof, creating a vertical wall. This really gives you a lot more space in your loft, and it is the perfect choice for lofts where the slant of the roof has previously made the space unusable. They are called hip-to-gable conversions because the ridge line of a hip-end roof is extended to make a gable-ended roof.


Last but not least are Mansard roof loft extensions. A mansard loft conversion requires the raising the party wall, which is the wall that you share with your neighbours. The roof itself remains flat, while one of the outer walls slopes inwards. They’re almost always found at the back of a property, and they are suited to terraced homes. This type of loft conversion does require alterations to the structure of your property, so planning permission is usually needed.

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